Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We knew better...

Oops--it's HUGE!
...than to put tomatoes in the raised bed and think we'd have room leftover for anything else.
...than to put in new plants without reading their tags to see how big they'd get. (Heavens--the Clary sage will probably grow to 3'. Got to move those out of the Onion bed. And oops... the yellow thing from the sale aisle the end of last season is a St.Johnswort. Very handsome BUSH. Got to move that out of the Red Bud Bed. Girls, girls, girls.)
...and THOSE are just the things I KNOW about.

Last year, it was the butterfly bush.
And the year before that, the Sun Chokes (currently up to my chest at the back, and ever so slowly leaning/ creeping over towards the onions... hoping I won't notice).
And I think I confessed that we've moved the poor artichoke no less than three times.

Oops--it needs more sun.
...8 basil plants later
... (there's something else in this list)


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