Monday, June 6, 2016

First Week of June

Lazy swirls of cottonwood fluff from along the ditches: best seed parachutes ever!

The last of the roses. (is it variety? sunlight? temperature?) yes, there are still big fat roses here and there

The sweet sticky slime of ripe white mulberries. the hens would probably eat them all day long if i had the patience to comb the grass picking them up. kind of gross on the bottoms of your shoes if you are just trying to walk past to turn on the hose though.

The yellow bird of paradise shrubs are blooming.  Such tough plants--they must live on air.  Honestly, we've had so little rain!

The Echinacea is up.  The patch that has gotten the most water will burst into bloom any time now.

Have NOT seen the toad. Which is the good news for my pansies (the pot it ravaged last summer trying to stay cool and be ready to catch the clouds of bugs on the front stoop).

This, of course, has been the Year of the Dogs.  Gaping holes.  Shredded pots.  Dirt flung out of the new raised bed.  So this has necessitated the Year of the Fence.

Also the year of Tim the Tomato Guy.  Who raised hundreds of gorgeous young plants in his greenhouse starting at the end of January, and having more than he needed, sold us a dozen.

New raised bed. (There's a lot of hope out there.)  Lots of flowers M gave G for her birthday.  
Seeds and seedlings.  Finally:  OKRA is sprouting.  (they seem to really need the heat) Nasturtiums - had medium luck with those. Carnation seedlings.  Kale.  The big green chard.  Some rainbow chard.