Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer seems to have arrived fully. A little bit of rain. A few cool days. A luxurious 12-hour photoperiod. It's about to shoot back up to 90. The frogs in the ditch across the street are in full voice (means courtship and territory battles right?), and the crickets have turned up the volume. Do they do that all night? Do they all do it all the time? Or do they take turns, come and go, etc. Honestly? I don't know a thing about crickets except that they rub their back legs together to make those sounds, and don't bite or sting humans. Do some folks use them as bait on their fishing poles?

Unexpected trunk full of plants: Linda & Teresa are having a driveway put in, so they gave us a trunk full of plants plopped into plastic shopping bags. G spent yesterday scrambling to find a place for everything. We think there is a young chamisa, a lavender fragrant blossoming bush thing, a couple of sprigs of trumpet vine (variety and blossom color unknown), a bunch of Penstemons (past the blooming stage... so kind-of an unknown. relatively short, maybe purple). Probably something else that I'm forgetting. In the process, she relocated a couple of clumps of threadgrass. Now she's ready to plant all her little flower seedlings!

Blossom update? The butterfly bush which got relocated this spring is almost ready to bloom! And we think that some of the dwarf sunflowers we grew from seed may be thinking about it. (?!) Honestly, if I don't wander around every evening, I miss something. Of course, for me, part of that is having a full-time gardener who is busy doing things all day long.

Teresa alleges that she had artichoke plants that produced 20 or 30 fruits in a season. ?! Fact or Fish story?! Of course, we have re-located ours 3 times in 3 years. We probably just exhausted the poor thing.


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