Tuesday, June 23, 2009

G. bought more grass seed at Plants of the Southwest yesterday, and valiently resisted buying anything else. (Blue Gramma or Buffalo? Hmm...) Low water, hot weather grass. She was reading about how to get it established (Thank you Google god.) She's planning on adding a bit more on the west side of the house, and displacing the rampant Globe Mallow.

Baby's breath (from seed) still small plants, but about to bloom! Black-eyed susans and sunchokes and sunflowers coming along. We will be a field of yellow in a couple weeks. Chaste tree outdoing itself. Thick with bees, including an iridescent green one.

Green bean babies look like a fairy ring: soooooooo cute.

Weather: hot. 93 yesterday, and completely still. I had sweat streaming down my face as I did a little weeding in the onions and peppers. (Cheering the sweet potatoes on; not much change in the way they look. A few diminutive new leaves, so they are apparently settling in.)


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