Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Week of June

*Desert Willow starting to bloom
*Bird of Paradise exploding
*One dark red holleyhock in that dry gritty southwest corner of the yard. 2 pale pink ones from the volunteer struggling up between the bricks by the front door.
*Silver Lace Vine in full glory. Apparently getting plenty of water from the ditch nearby.
*Echinacea still in the process of opening up. Is there a camera slow enough to capture that?!

*G went with Thea and her flock to the Botanical Gardens. Came back raving about the Butterfly garden and modestly impressed with the Japanese gardens.

Trickle of pigweed babies sprouting. Some of the silver leaf nightshade finally starting to look spindly and puny. I am not proud of myself, but grimly determined. As I pluck yet another one, I surround it with compassion. This will be me before long. Worn down. Out of energy. Herb is doing hospice work. He refers to death at the Jumping Off Point. I am plucking, plucking, hoping to shove my hearty weed companions towards the ledge.

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