Tuesday, April 22, 2008

thoughtful, fanciful, and very edible

My brother and sister-in-law helped me celebrate this Humongous birthday (did I say 50?!) with unorthodox flowers. How cool is that. (I was very popular at work that day.)

3rd Week of April

Blooms everywhere:
Wisteria, Honey locusts, snow in summer, snapdragons. The chives are starting to unfurl and the sage buds are swollen, ready to open any day.
The elm seeds are down--there are papery chartreuse-gold mats felted into every nook and cranny, every crack and corner of the world. It's miraculous, staggering and awful. I wonder if they qualify for Weed status, because I know I'll be plucking them out of my grass, tweezing gingerly out from under the pads of my potted cactuses, yanking them out of my low, slow, Woolly Thyme for the rest of the year. I bought petunias (white and plum), a Daisy Miller, a bit of rice grass, tons of lobelia (white, purple and everything in between). Gloria got a red verbena, a daisy-like thing, and a type of lily I've never seen before. Kangaroo Paw? Ah... I love Google. And Flickr. It's an Anigozanthos. http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=Anigozanthos

Indoors, at roughly two and half years old, the spider plant Teresa Brown gave me as a baby, finally threw out an arm. (She nipped her start from the plant in the cafeteria at her next to the last job--where she had a corner office and was "The Queen." I suppose that on an unconscious level, she and I over the experience of downward mobility. So maybe our finances aren't as glorious as they once were, but our plants are thriving!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

oh my. i'm 50. wow. 50...

haiku a day

I just turned 50.
My friends smile. "You're free," they chant,
"Do new things, go wild!"

and this one:

Going to hell means
being stuck eternally
cleaning house for guests.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Scream /spit / shout every
small, petty, mean-spirited
syllable! ... Or don't.