Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bug update

I can't seem to get my prose and my photo-documentation going along at the same pace. Sigh. (Why is it that the wordsmith adores all her amateurish photos?!)

So here is a bug dump. Missing are the aphids and the ladybug on the roses. And I didn't get a picture of either the hole used as a nest by a burrowing bee, or the tiny brown mantis baby in the Red Bud bed. The bees and bumbles are everywhere... and I have not had any luck getting decent photos of them. Haven't figured out how to anticipate them to capture them with my camera. They have been LOVING the penstimons, the cat mint and the lambs ears.

Bugs, bugs, bugs. G is reading Amy Stewart's book on Worms. Very entertaining. (We have some good ones in the yard! Haven't snagged a photo of them either.) And there was the whole ice cream box of them Susan M gave G for her birthday that she carefully nudged into the soil in the garden.

Hopefully I'll be able to write about the moth and mayfly thing, and the ants below/ add some rambling text & context at some point.

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