Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Day Yard", January weather & Herbella

The holidays seem to have raised havoc with my modest blogging efforts. So here is a 'digest post' to catch up. :)

[Add photos] During the first couple of weeks in December, along with the mania of Christmas shopping, we finally finished a completely enclosed Day Area for the girls. (This spurt of productivity was of course due to our rapidly approaching trip to visit my family for the holidays. We wanted the hens to have at least SOME safe space to run around in unsupervised, during the daylight hours.) Yay! Now Gloria can go to yoga without feeling so guilty.

Herbella's face has been bright red for several weeks now, and her comb is puffing up like odd fungus or huge warts or something. (Comb development seems to go crazy right before sexual maturity. Amazing!) I think it was last Wednesday when she started doing 'the squat.' Doh. Our last hold-out. So, probably any day now.

Scarlett Eats the Mouse:
Oh dear. Bob & Vicki warned us they could and would gobble up mice. Scarlett got one Wednesday the 4th. Whacked it wildly, outran the gang, then swallowed it whole. *Eek*

New Feeder:
G got annoyed by the amount of food the girls have been tossing onto the ground -- hence the word "scratch". She heard of a new design for a feeder & got one. Bright red plastic. Kind of looks like playground equipment. :) [Add photo] The girls seemed to like it (honestly? anything new. they hate to be bored!)

Has been lovely since the last week of December. Sunny. Calm. Highs in the low 50s. Lows in the 20s. What could be better?!