Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Robins - Brood Two

Someone at work said that as of early this week the robin had returned to the nest we've all been spying on. Ding Round Two. Funny thing though--the honey locust has grown enough in a month, that its leaves bounce close enough to tickle her chin. She tends to take a break in the late afternoon; I was able to stand on the ledge and peer in at about 4pm... I can see three eggs for sure. Though there could be four. Will the early ones in this brood toss out the others? Trina thinks they may hatch over the coming weekend, or early next week. I stared down at the gem-like nuggets and mused that I "see" eggs differently if I'm about to boil and eat them vs standing on tip-toes to spy on a minor mystery of nature.

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