Monday, July 13, 2015

A Small Wood Snail

We have had monsoon rains the past week or ten days...  what a gift!  Some cloud cover in the late afternoons to help keep IN moisture instead of boiling it off.  And several evenings where we got half an inch of rain!  Half here.  A third there.  Everything in the yard looks vibrant.  Patches of grass around town look FAKE--such intense green.  (Which you realize is a very uncommon color here.)  The mesa out towards the Three Sisters has an avocado haze to it.

So between the patch of grass we were trying to establish for the puppy (which we diligently watered every evening for a month, spilling over the sidewalk into the lilac bed) and the rain, we have a pretty steady stream of snails.  I DO feel compassion and am mindful of the death when I toss them to the hens.  This one was on the front window Sunday late morning, for some reason?  Gloria laughed and said, they move surprisingly fast.


Monday, June 15, 2015

the big hole in my petunia pot...

This is like, the Goldilocks story.  Apparently the toad thinks my poor petunia pot is JUST RIGHT.  He or she is really disrupting the roots.  *argh!*  AND as always, I wonder IS this a male or female.  How long do they live?  We have had one toad in and around the garden/ yard for years now.  Probably not the same one.  And/ but surprising that as far as I know, we only ever SEE ONE.  Is he/she really the only one of its kind in our little ecosystem?