Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ides of June

G worships the new trellis. Finally finished phase one Sunday afternoon. Can't believe how even and level it looks. (Even beginners get lucky now and then I suppose.)

Rain. After watching it rain everywhere around us (alone, dry as a bone in the center of the ABQ North Valley doughnut) it took pity on us and unleashed 2 bucket's worth at dinner time. Of course, today, we were back to 15% humidity by mid-afternoon. And starting tomorrow, it will be back to seasonal norms: low 90s all the way. G. took some stirring photos of the clouds; the sky was all drama and suspense.

Chaste tree starting to bloom. [not pictured at the moment] Lovely, soft lavendar blossoms. Transplanted thread grass babies looking very handsome up near the front instead of squatting like green highway cones in the middle of the back yard all by themselves. "Real" sunflowers coming along. The plants very handsome.

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