Monday, June 8, 2009

Second Week of June

*Finished putting the lattice up Sunday afternoon.
Oh it does look nice! Now we're greedy for a second section. Gallon roses still cooling their heels (roots) in those little black plastic pots. Update: 6/8/09 G put in two of the three roses. Doh. They are so tiny! She also moved two of the strawberry plants to make room for the next post.

*G is excited about the sprouting grass babies as she re-seeds under the shade.

*Weather We're having a slightly cooler interlude... low 80s with some cloud cover. Update: Tuesday night and Wednesday morning--it rained!!

*Garden update: She took the clump of leeks out of the raised bed and divided them, planting them in the garden proper. It was kind of a gamble, but they seemed awfully spindly where they were. Starting to see tomato babies here and there. I think the smaller varieties produce first (but I don't know why I think that; am I crazy?) I think the yellow pear and cherry tomatoes are the green marbles we're seeing. ?! When I left this morning, G was planning a mad planting spree to get the rest of the veggies into the ground: cukes, melons, a couple of experimental sweet potato vines, three hearty volunteer tomatoes from my big plastic tubs (last year), a pot of sage, a pot of fennel (I think... or was it dill?), a few last sunflowers and gee... I don't know what all else. Now or never for summer items right? How lucky that the weather is cooperating. Some very cute volunteer green beans next to the resurgent swiss chard. Little corn plants now several inches tall, but we caught Ruby AND Osa nibbling them! May have to fence it off. And not sure what the compost pile is doing. Should check and update that. Mexican hats starting to bloom. Some of G's pepper plants getting ready to ... bloom?

*Trying to decide where G might want a bed of flowers for "cut" flowers. Considering where we might want the extra shade area. [left: macro view of the Baby Lupines G is growing in the ground from seed. Photo taken 6/9/09] Maybe I'm impatient, but it sure seems like they took forever to come up. They were proceeded by armies of eager elm seedlings which I painstakingly plucked, and will doubtless have to CONTINUE plucking.]

*Did battle with the peppermint in the corner of G's garden plot. Heavens what a root system!

*Massive yard sale this past weekend was successful. (No small amount of work, that's for sure).

*Waiting impatiently for a new pile of books to come in the mail. (See Reading just a bit every night. Writing - alas. Absolutely nothing. Vacuous, cavernous alarming silence. Oddly crushing.


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