Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playing with Sticks

The plan (probably next year) is to put in a second shade/ shelter area. But in the meantime, that spot looked lonely. For reasons I can't explain, in the heat of the day I got it in my head that I wanted to put a climbing something there for color and interest. So I got out the poles because I have liked G's little rustic, impromptu tripod trellises. G said it was fine with her. At which point my inner gardener caught up with my fort-building 5-year-old and I realized I should weed, loosen the soil and add some compost if I really expected anything green to play along with my whim. A lot of red-faced huffing and puffing and heaving with the heavy duty garden fork ensued.
     As these things happen, it escalated. G discovered the next day, that her pole bean seeds were vintage 05, so she went on a seed quest. "Everybody is out," she reported later, as she was sailing (without me) to Osuna Nursery. I told friends that like any true addict, she had her slender excuses--rushing off for another hit of plant crack. (Did I say, without me?!) And of course we didn't have enough cane poles for the other two or three stations we both had started visualizing. So that will doubtless become a quest in itself. But back to the afternoon at the nursery unsupervised. G was the paragon of self-control. She returned with a fist full of seeds: more lettuce, 2 kinds of bush beans and 2 packs of locally packaged Kentucky Wonders. And a couple of things in pots. Will have to get back to you on those... it was late when I got home and got the report.


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