Thursday, August 25, 2011

The End of August

*Notes to self: post tomato photos. OMG they are amazing!! Ditto - sunflowers. G harvested more beets. Made a (sp) Ratitoui with small eggplants & huge tomatoes from the garden Monday. Corn, melons, beans, peppers coming along.

RAIN & insane dog: Last night (late) - lightning & thunder, and eventually some nice rain. Osa went nuts & kept G up all night. (this happened for a lot LESS rainfall earlier this week.... like Tuesday night? Oh, and SKUNK!

CHICKEN notes: G says Scarlett/ Scarface stopped peeping this week--that she now sounds like a hen. ALso seen yanking out Maude's neck feathers?! And flying up onto the fence. Argh.

(I miss the garden! Too much stuff to do at work, and trying to keep up with the chickens I think).