Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This morning's ditch walk... cottonwood color.

Doesn't fall sneak up on you every year? I am struggling to notice... lots and lots of green, a bit of yellow here and there around the edges. Oh, and I heard a few cranes Sunday morning. And a few more today on our walk, though I stopped and searched the sky and couldn't spot them. [Obviously--no picture!]

Egg production definitely slowing down...

What with molting, and being "older," the girls have definitely slowed down in their egg laying.  (If one needed yet another sign of fall....)  They are now giving us 2-4 eggs a day.  But absence doesn't make a very impressive photograph.  We were very surprised, and laughed a lot, when Scarlett skipped a day, then laid a TINY, Little egg.  It reminds me of the Silkies's eggs (the bantams).  Go Scarlett!!


About three weeks ago, we noticed that the berries on the huge pyracantha bushes along the ditch had ripened.  I don't know that I had ever really associated this with fall.  I kind of hated them growing up--for their vicious thorns.  As I get older and crave distance from my neighbors, and enjoy bird watching, I am appreciating them much more.  (The berries DID turn/ ripen with the season, didn't they?!)

Baby carrots!

End of summer...

First Chicken to Molt--Poor Charro

Well, all the books told us this would happen....  about three weeks ago, poor Charro started blowing out feathers.  She looks very ratty.  Not sure, but it may have lost her her spot as Queen.  Lola, her arch rival, is still as big and fluffy as ever.