Monday, March 23, 2009

Third Week of March

G's redbud tree is stunning. And humming with bees! We've been digging up wild mustard like crazy, quick before it goes to seed. At the moment it's good compost. G laughed. There's a succession of weeds... wonder what will come next? (Nature abhors a vacuum.)

Impulse buy: I got 3 2" pansies & 2 6-packs. Planted 3 pots worth--in brightly colored ceramic pots--and 3 in the ground. I'm so pleased to have gotten them into the dirt.

Bought Dot a wagon. (1200# capacity Gorilla dump cart with plastic liner).
And a gorgeous Kelty tent with a nice sized zip-up porch.

Then went and bought the truck from Alec and Tana... (Tana really--guess it has been hers a long time). White 94 Ford Ranger with king cab - 160,000mi. 4 cylinder. manual transmission. tape deck (grin).

And finally, G ordered a nice HP laptop. Aye! What a day!

Very windy towards late afternoon: dust haze over the city. Unseasonably warm.

Friday, March 20, 2009

3rd week of March

Don't blink! Lilacs unfurling. A clutch of miniature daffies from the bulbs G planted last fall. The Echinacea I thought I'd killed leafing out. The pot of veteran screaming purple-pink and yellow primroses is a solid dome of blossoms. One of the two Sale Bin rose bushes G stuck in the ground tentatively sending up a new sprig. The irrepressible Elms -- each branch coated with fluttery chartreuse sequins -- a thousand seeds sewn to every single bony, lonely, winter-withered branch. G moved the artichoke. I laughed. By now it has a lot of stamps on its steamer-trunk... this is the third place she has put it in as many years: our well-traveled spiny vegetable friend. She nestled it against the far wall in the back. The butterfly bush, which in the course of three months last summer exploded from a tiny spindly gallon-size to a 3-gallon-bushel basket, moved out of the bed with the small things, up the hill a few paces, where it can stretch and sprawl wildly and with our full approval, nay appreciation. And the lavender that a friend gave me four years ago--without any niceties whatsoever--yanked out from under a huge plant in her yard, a pitiful naked bit of root and stem. I planted it in my back yard, where it got plenty of water and some decent soil. When exactly, did it grow to be so very handsome? As big as an expensive bouquet. G dug it up to bring with us as I moved to her house. So for several days it has been sitting on the stoop at her house, plopped awkwardly into a pot. I was worried we would dally and futze and kill it, good intentions be damned. Now if it dies, something more complicated than distraction will be the culprit.

And she filled up the brown pool! grin. A load of compost from Soilutions and three trips to Lowe's garden center later, the raised bed we built is ready for seeds! I'm so happy and excited, I'm beside myself.

Gloria's yard is enormous by comparisons to the place I lived for four years downtown. I still believe I have been called to be She Who Speaks for Shrubs and Bushes. But I am daunted by the challenge to my feeble powers of attention presented by the size and complexity of her plot. "What is in my back yard" is an entirely new question!

* * *

Monday, March 9, 2009

2nd Week of March

Weather dipped back to seasonal norms. Low 60s. Sunny. Gusty. Windy. (What is the difference between "windy" and "breezy" in meteorological terms?)

Today, Monday March 9th, it is raining--gently. When I woke Gloria this morning, I said, "Listen... it's raining!" She made a delighted little squeal. "I thought maybe it was the humidifier being noisy." Rain, a little bit of soft rain.

All my plants are in a heap in Gloria's yard, where Linda and Teresa graciously helped convey them last weekend. G watered them this week. And my heart swelled to see that the echinacea is sprouting new leaves (I thought I had killed it by cutting back on water so drastically through the winter)! Also thought the tiny plants in my Household goddess, Roadkill, were dead, but see some green here and there.

Rain and daylight saving time: we should all be sleeping late.

Moving: ALMOST OUT - ALMOST OUT - ALMOST OUT! Everything of mine, except for cleaning supplies and my stunning enormous blooming(!) aloe, is out of the house and yard at Fruit Ave. Several small loads in the garage... recycling, storage, Saavers & Teresa/Linda. But oh my!! Now, poor Gloria's house--that's another matter. I told her I was excited about the next phase... the fluffing and nesting. The Home-making. She toasted me last night over a lovely dinner. "Welcome home," she said. We kissed, making lovely ringing sounds with a gentle touch of our crystal glasses.

Eric's current signature file...
Facts are simple and facts are straight
Facts are lazy and facts are late
Facts all come with points of view
Facts don't do what I want them to
-Talking Heads, Crosseyed and Painless

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1st Week of March

Unseasonably warm (mid-70s instead of 60s) for the last two to three weeks. Very, very dry and dusty. So far this spring the winds have passed us over, swooping down over the back of the Sandias to scour the plains to the east.

Wild mustard has been blooming for weeks now. G's elm and lilac have swollen buds about to pop. A daffodil next to the outdoor patio opened sometime last week. Bright, sunny, wax yellow, silk flower yellow, the real thing yellow. We've been so frantic moving, I didn't really get the chance to hover breathlessly, waiting and watching the miracle.

Yesterday I noticed the flowering quince in the bed outside Woodward Hall had burst into full bloom!

Sunday afternoon Linda and Teresa came over with the truck & helped bring over all my plants. Like everything else at the moment, we basically just dumped them :-( ... But it's nice to know they are nearby. G. watered them all yesterday. And a week ago, she borrowed the truck that Maria was using & made a run to Soilutions. For $35.00, bought a truckload of lovely rich compost. So we're a bit closer to planting in the raised bed! She also finished putting the brackets for the final support poles.

What we love prospers.