Monday, July 13, 2015

A Small Wood Snail

We have had monsoon rains the past week or ten days...  what a gift!  Some cloud cover in the late afternoons to help keep IN moisture instead of boiling it off.  And several evenings where we got half an inch of rain!  Half here.  A third there.  Everything in the yard looks vibrant.  Patches of grass around town look FAKE--such intense green.  (Which you realize is a very uncommon color here.)  The mesa out towards the Three Sisters has an avocado haze to it.

So between the patch of grass we were trying to establish for the puppy (which we diligently watered every evening for a month, spilling over the sidewalk into the lilac bed) and the rain, we have a pretty steady stream of snails.  I DO feel compassion and am mindful of the death when I toss them to the hens.  This one was on the front window Sunday late morning, for some reason?  Gloria laughed and said, they move surprisingly fast.


Monday, June 15, 2015

the big hole in my petunia pot...

This is like, the Goldilocks story.  Apparently the toad thinks my poor petunia pot is JUST RIGHT.  He or she is really disrupting the roots.  *argh!*  AND as always, I wonder IS this a male or female.  How long do they live?  We have had one toad in and around the garden/ yard for years now.  Probably not the same one.  And/ but surprising that as far as I know, we only ever SEE ONE.  Is he/she really the only one of its kind in our little ecosystem?


Monday, December 8, 2014

MA 429 - Portfolio

Portfolio - Fall 2014
MA 429 - Documentary Production
Instructor - Deborah Fort

Here are the major projects we did this semester.  Baby steps, Dot, baby steps! 

The first assignment was surprisingly hard, and also very thought-provoking.  We were asked to do a self-portrait using ONLY 10 still images.  >We were not to be IN any of the photos.  No voice overs, no zooming and panning.  1 minute or less in duration.  *Fascinating*  The class critique said I should ditch the first and last image--the kitten and Scarlett running.  It's probably an aesthetic question.  To be true to my sense of myself, I am leaving them in.  :)

This assignment was to do a short radio documentary -- 2 minutes or less.  In doing it, I realized that I really enjoy writing scripts, then being the Voice.  :)  Getting clean sound was MUCH harder than I thought it was going to be.  Every time I wanted to catch something, a plane would fly over, a motorcycle gun it, a neighbor turn on a leaf blower, a dog go nuts.  ?!  Or I would be too far away and they would stop talking by the time I got there.  Would love to be part of a community of nature folks doing audio and video.  There must be tricks?  Very sad... but the weekend before this was due, Lucy got really sick.  What a hard end.  Poor lovely hen.  :)  We finally got her in to see a vet late Monday.  We gave her the final gift we could--a quick, painless death.  Then came home, and in the dusk, dug her a spot, wrapped her in a towel, sprinkled her with seeds and straw, and laid her to rest.  Given those heart-wrenching circumstances, maybe I should try the project again.  I have gotten new audio gear since then.  And done a bit more work in Audition (the Adobe audio editing program).

I would like Sandra to be able to use this video, maybe even link it to the Museum's website.  For that use, she asked me to delete the opening.  She doesn't want to do anything that would jeopardize their ability to collect and bring back "material" from Nicaragua.  >Hence the password:  watchme.  :)  This was my first ever interview.  I was nervous.  And I think I made every possible mistake.  Eek.  AND it was exhilarating.  I hope I made some new friends. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome Pancho and Chico!

Saturday we adopted 2 2mo tiger-striped kittens from Animal Humane.  :)  


   You can't really tell from my photos, but Chico is much smaller, on the brown side, and has faint Cheeta spots on his sides.  Pancho is bigger, on the black side, has much bigger feet, and a bit of black lining the bottoms of each eye.  He is so curious and energetic, it's hard to get a decent photo.  He's ALWAYS in motion!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Good bye Austin

April 2001-August 19, 2013
We will really miss you Mr. Buddy. 

Austin and Agatha right after my ex and I brought them home from the pound.
~5 1/2 weeks old. Maple City, MI.

(Below) Here he is at 5 1/2 months. He liked to lean on things from the start:
shoes, piles of clothes, stereo speakers, or--in a pinch--zucchini.

After he moved to New Mexico in the spring of 2005, he developed an active Facebook presence.  He was one of the early Farmville moguls.

>>As is often the case, he was one of those "large" cats who love small boxes. The Crackerjack box was probably the cutest, but he was pretty adorable in the bottom of a recent puzzle box too. And Oh So Helpful with those jigsaw pieces!<<

(Below) We let him out into the yard his last few days, to distract him from his aches and pains, and send him out with dirt under his nails--with the scent of lizards, spiders and sparrows fresh on his mind.

Monday, June 10, 2013

First Week of June 2013

**The Forecast:  No Mercy.  We're getting ready to dig into the party ice fund for the chickens.  And G got out the mister and the fan.  OMG.  It feels way too soon to be struggling like this.  :(  She coiled the soaker hose under the apple tree, and threaded it back through the sun chokes.  We'll have to keep an eye out to see if the chickens will go too far and endanger that potential shade thicket.  They are up to 2-3.5'.  I suspect that if we keep them watered, they'll stay just slightly ahead of the hen hoard.  I'm sure there is a terrible homily in there somewhere... we're trying to keep them from killing off potential shade/ comfort.  O Mankind, take heed.

**About promiscuous seeds:  where the chocolate flowers started, where they are now.  They certainly don't fill in neatly.  Ditto: spurge (I'm basically "weeding" that out all over the place.)  The big rangy sunflowers (weeds, weeds, weeds!).  Penstemons (sp?)  Echinacea....  They don't end up where I wanted them, and often get establishing somewhere that is flat out surprising. Oh, and the hollyhocks.  Not enough water off the roof this spring for them to germinate on the west side.  Sad.  But the one beside the underwhelming (sterile male?) wisteria will probably bloom this week.  (How on earth did it get there?  I want to say it's a medium red?)

**Not in chronological order:  did I ever post photos of the irises?  They were stunning this spring.

**Calendar for things blooming in early June:  it feels early, but a couple of the Echinaceas unfurled blooms yesterday.  G's pink/white standard rose bush blossomed.  Maybe the spring has been hard on bugs?  It has historically been covered with aphids, but seems to be devoid this time.  This morning there were probably half a dozen blooms open.  Very handsome.  2 yellow coriopsis blooming away.  (one of them new, to fill the hole left by the baffling loss of a sage I originally transplanted from my time in the little house downtown. :(  The lavendar bush had a hard winter, but should bloom in the next couple of weeks.  (I can see little blossom stalks.)  Last weekend--first weekend in June--the Bird of Paradise bushes exploded.  (SOOO gorgeous and exotic.)  Oh, and the Jupiter's Beard up front by the front gate.  Hard to keep her watered, but if we manage it, she'll be gorgeous.  The purple salvias, which have been so gorgeous, are fading fast.  And the heat is gradually choking off the pansies that have been so splendid this year.  Hate to see then go.

**Glad I transplanted a bit of snow in summer from the front bed.  It didn't come back this year, for good.  So the bit in a pot outside the front door is all I have at the moment.  Such a pretty plant.

**A time-lapse sequence of the silly shade plants?  The little coleuses finally seem to have gotten their roots under them.  (They should get pretty big?!)  And the impatiens have started to fill in.  They looked so naked at first... it was painful.  In another couple weeks (provided we keep watering!), they should finally look good.