Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leeks, peas, daffodils & chicken coop plans

Yesterday Gloria found last year's bag of potting soil and planted leek seeds. They look like a tray of brownies sitting on top of the toaster oven in the kitchen. She also tried to buy pea seeds, but the place she stopped was out. (Plant lots of peas, I said, remembering how much we liked them.) She may put in more greens, some beets and a few (a rotating group of 6 or 8) radishes.

Taking stock of the yard and garden she reports a few daffodil spears poking up. The sage and rosemary look pretty badly burned: we're worried that the intense cold spells in Dec & Jan killed them. She didn't mention the onions or garlic.

The weather this week is sunny & high 50s/ low 60s. We're definitely feeling a pull towards the outdoors. Starting to get serious about building a chicken coop & debating the finer points of how many and what kinds we want. Think we may have settled on 5: 2 Orpingtons (sp?), 2 of the salt and peppers (name?) & one fluffy white. Gloria looked carefully at our book of coop designs, picked one, and printed out the plans. *Very exciting.* As usual, Linda and Teresa are a month ahead of us. They already have wall panels put together and painted for their coop, in addition to having 3 shelves of seedlings in the works. On the domestic front, they also seem to have installed a spiffy, new kitchen faucet while we were away vacationing & lazing around.

Costa Rica Feb 13-19

We just got back from an absolutely perfect trip to the northern lowlands of Costa Rica to visit my father & step-mom at their cattle ranch.

More soon.