Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gosh-darned Cold Snap

I know I'm going to forget this next year (who wants to remember wilting leaves?!) Monday and Tuesday nights it was COLD. 28-ish? And the wind which had been lashing us for days, suddenly dissipated, at the exact moment when it could have help avert the worst of the frost damage. The rose bush and trumpet vine both lost a lot of new growth. But we had held back planting anything 'dainty.' Tomatoes, peppers, sweet potato vines, miscellaneous flowers, all clogging up the hall just inside the front door.

Chick Brooder

Yes, I know. It is just a cardboard box in the bathtub. But--a very NICE cardboard box with critter-proof lid, aspen shavings, and custom water and food dispensers. I think we're as ready as we're going to get. (Roll up the rug. Put in a small training "perch.") Then go back to finishing up the outdoor coop.

Gloria's Solar Oven!

Gloria is very proud of her new solar oven. Kind of cute, huh? It heats right up to ~350 without any apparent effort. Shown here baking a coffee cake.