Monday, July 30, 2012

Grapes & eggplant

The grapes are at the back of the garden, in a spot that's hard to get to, so we don't keep really good tabs on them.  But we noticed that the birds seem to be spending a lot of time back there, so we battled our way back there over the weekend.  Darned if we didn't find 8-10# that were ripe and amazing.  We plucked & washed them, and put them in the food drier for winter raisins.  :)

G has huge eggplant plants this summer.  When I went to take a photo last evening, I was surprised by the number and size.  Time to hit the recipe books!

The Sunchokes - 8 wks later

Really have not done well documenting the miraculous changes in the yard and garden this summer, bounty largely due to the skill and dedication of Farmer Gloria.  Supported by irrigation almost entirely by irrigation.  We had a couple of lovely rains the week of the 4th of July.  And one or two light rains since.  Period.  So anyway, here are two photos of the sunchokes--almost exactly 8 wks apart.  At this point, even with only intermittent water and with the chickens nipping at them (oh, and Gloria slipping and falling into them a few days ago)--even with all those handicaps, they are nearing 6'.

8 weeks ago.  Looks like the tomatoes had not been planted either.  *Amazing*

Lola and Herbella are trying to figure out how to get their beaks on those tender sprouts.

Not a great photo--see the green sprig just above the clip holding the shade cloth?  The tomatoes look good too, don't they?