Friday, March 19, 2010

Second Week of March

Monday or Tuesday most of the daffies burst open! We finished unloading the compost to free up the garden truck. I started moving and consolidating the piles of paving brick we may end up not using for the walkway. Got rid of the tarp that had 6 buckets of builder's sand too. (Am on a mission to clean up the front of the house... which probably just means more piles around back. sigh.)

Thursday the little grape hyacinth bloomed. And Avery the tree expert came over to gave the trees some deft clipping.

New Bed
Gloria took down the ratty remains of the green bean teepees. Dug in furrows for a new bed. Looks very official.

Gloria did some serious digging around the hat rack tree (Chinese Pistach). Avery the tree guy thinks it doesn't have enough room to get its roots up towards the street. She pulled a veritable boulder out of that area. We laughed that she had found the car that belonged to last year's buried hubcap. In the process, she also yanked out a bunch of Mexican Hat, which we replanted in several places, including a new xeric bed up front by the mailbox.

Gloria and I both took spring break (school and college holiday) off this year. My goal was to finally get the shed kit put up.
Monday the weather was cruddy, so I shuffled my mounds of papers inside.

unwrapped the pile to get my first look at the pieces. Had had a vision of going straight to the fun part--nailing things together. But as Gloria and I took a careful look at the foundating, we realized it still needed some serious (heavy, painstaking) attention. After stomping around and throwing an internal temper tantrum, I resigned myself to what I figured would be most of the day, getting the foundation blocks ready. As it turned out, I did have enough time and energy to get the floor nailed together. Stopped at 5 to get ready for documentary video class; got there and was alone! Message on my work VM that they had canceled at noon. :(

Wednesday - Made a trip to Lowes for 2x3s to replace some warped ones. Then put together all the walls.

Thursday - We stood it all up! It wasn't perfect, but not bad either. Not for our first solo attempt at such things.

Friday - Made another Lowe's trip. This time for all the roof materials. Then put up the back gable, purlins and trim-slash roof supports. The weather cut us short. We were busy trying to lash down the tarp by 2pm. Continued on the next post.

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