Friday, March 19, 2010

First Week of March

[Outside we trooped. Weather still very nice!] But the last three weeks are a bit of a blur. Not sure which miracle we noticed when... Gloria unloading the compost by making piles here and there. Planting spinach and butter lettuce in the raised bed. Dottie weeds like crazy. Both ladies start hacking the ill-fated black netting off the blackberry canes.

DAFFODILS: This time of year is all about spring bulbs, no?! So left, are photos from last year, dated 2/28. We were in the middle of moving me out of Mary's--hence Gloria's expression. grin. If any of my dates are correct anywhere (always suspect), then our yellow friends were roughly two weeks later this year than last, i.e. ~14 March 2010. I did see a news post from Britain about a flower show that was going to go ahead anyway, even though theirs were roughly two weeks late. Made me wonder about weather patterns across the hemisphere. Was it chance or real similarities?!

How long does it take for the average daffodil to break ground and bloom?
I looked around the internet for an answer to this question. Didn't find one. Did find that there is an American Daffodil Society, more or less based in northern California (apparently they like and can afford fine wines, judging from the information about the most recent annual show, held mid-March). Found that daffodils are an old flower, under cultivation that we know of dating back to 300BC. They are a member of the amaryllis family. Hail from the Mediterranean regions, including Spain and Portugal. Are related to narcissus and jonquils. Like to be watered during their growth period--including the post bloom period because that is when they are developing their blooms for next season. (!!)

Maybe next year I will pay closer attention--do my own informal study to see how long they take from the time they break ground to the time they blossom. My sense is that it is roughly ~2.5 weeks.

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