Sunday, March 21, 2010

Second Day of Spring 2010

So the shed are some of Sundays photos --post storm. We were able to put up some trim and the roof decking. It is looking rather official as far as sheds go. We have more trim, doors, roof paper and shingles left to put up...yup, we are nowhere near done.

(went to Alameda: pansies, onion sets, got two (Candy and Walla Walla, one bunch each), some sedum 4" pot and one pd of yukon gold seed potatoes. Usually we get there late in the season when the pickings are slim. This time there were bench after bench of seedlings...little babies. We were actually too early. We spent about 20.00 .

Last nights temps were down to about 22degrees. Today, not seeing damage, but we'll see. Luckily we have no apple blossoms. The folks down the street had an apricot in full bloom. Ick.

Today Dottie cleaned out a dead asparagus fern and put in two pots of the pansies. G put in seed for sweet pea flowers in the old lettuce barrel.

There's still a lot of hope out there.

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