Monday, March 23, 2009

Third Week of March

G's redbud tree is stunning. And humming with bees! We've been digging up wild mustard like crazy, quick before it goes to seed. At the moment it's good compost. G laughed. There's a succession of weeds... wonder what will come next? (Nature abhors a vacuum.)

Impulse buy: I got 3 2" pansies & 2 6-packs. Planted 3 pots worth--in brightly colored ceramic pots--and 3 in the ground. I'm so pleased to have gotten them into the dirt.

Bought Dot a wagon. (1200# capacity Gorilla dump cart with plastic liner).
And a gorgeous Kelty tent with a nice sized zip-up porch.

Then went and bought the truck from Alec and Tana... (Tana really--guess it has been hers a long time). White 94 Ford Ranger with king cab - 160,000mi. 4 cylinder. manual transmission. tape deck (grin).

And finally, G ordered a nice HP laptop. Aye! What a day!

Very windy towards late afternoon: dust haze over the city. Unseasonably warm.

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