Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1st Week of March

Unseasonably warm (mid-70s instead of 60s) for the last two to three weeks. Very, very dry and dusty. So far this spring the winds have passed us over, swooping down over the back of the Sandias to scour the plains to the east.

Wild mustard has been blooming for weeks now. G's elm and lilac have swollen buds about to pop. A daffodil next to the outdoor patio opened sometime last week. Bright, sunny, wax yellow, silk flower yellow, the real thing yellow. We've been so frantic moving, I didn't really get the chance to hover breathlessly, waiting and watching the miracle.

Yesterday I noticed the flowering quince in the bed outside Woodward Hall had burst into full bloom!

Sunday afternoon Linda and Teresa came over with the truck & helped bring over all my plants. Like everything else at the moment, we basically just dumped them :-( ... But it's nice to know they are nearby. G. watered them all yesterday. And a week ago, she borrowed the truck that Maria was using & made a run to Soilutions. For $35.00, bought a truckload of lovely rich compost. So we're a bit closer to planting in the raised bed! She also finished putting the brackets for the final support poles.

What we love prospers.

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