Friday, September 19, 2008

Third Week of September 2008

Robert & Leslie have returned from their Costa Rica trip.

The stock market is crashing & being bailed out. On the heels of the mortgage industry crises and sudden precipitous rises in global gas and oil prices.

McCain picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for a running mate. A move I found insulting and frustrating -- suddenly enlivening his presidential bid for all the wrong reasons.

I was able to wear shoes again today. Who knew you could really get sick of flip flops?! My right pinky toe is healing nicely after that --oops-- miss with the pitch fork (two weeks ago?).

This past weekend, attended the STIR poetry festival. It was a life-time high.

Ditto (last weekend):
Linda and Teresa moved to a new house, with help from 12 women and a UHaul. That was last Sunday. Such a swirl of events...

Gloria's job at an all-time low. The rats are winning...

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