Tuesday, September 30, 2008

4th week of September

Very dry. But cool and lovely. 80s for a high, mid-50s for a low. Sunny. Not a lot of wind. We bird-watched in G's yard (yellow songbirds in the fading sunflowers). Then we had a picnic at the co-op, and took a Sunday drive West on I-40 and south from Tijeras, climbing up into the mountains, stopping off to take a long lazy walk through a canyon. A place that gathers water and has several stands of cattails (as unlikely as that seems to me). Sat near a pool of water under the shelter cottonwood & pinon & juniper & oak, and watched a dainty skittish flock of Townsend Solitaires drink and watch for bugs.

I miss the poets. A lot. (Hey, where did everybody go?!) I got one person's card: http://www.catkidd.com/Site/Welcome.html

And a name to look up. Awww. Those canadians!
Sheri-D Wilson!! "Spinsters Hanging in Trees" (YouTube)
Her Space (Alberta as a Woman)
Panty Portal just a part of it. teaseeeee.

wearing mismatched socks
I suddenly saw my feet
as distinct creatures.

Surprises in my tiny back yard: asters! Killed 2 large brown grasshoppers. Having to water by hand since I got that staggering surprise water bill a few weeks back.

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