Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Blur

"A call to arms: How to handle the fury brought on by this election? Register voters, hit the streets, pray. Stop talking about her. Talk about Obama."

Mary sent me the Annie Lamott piece from this morning... it was like rain on dry ground.

- - - - -
Beyond that, I feel like I'm losing my grip on time and space...

Sam the baby. Fran & Stoney's bambino. When was he born?! I've already lost track. Gloria and I mused and counted on our fingers. We thing the answer is the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Sept 17th [2008].

This past Sunday, Sept 20th, we took a ride out to Sandia Man Cave. 3 hours and we were both restored. nurtured. soothed by early pinons and very old sharp rocks. Oddly, the public television station at the Manzanares household was playing a special on the Sandias. One of only five places on the planet where the earth's crust is thinning, along a fault line where the continent is still slowing pulling apart. On the west side, the mountains are granite, pushed up and folded. And there is a mysterious layer which cannot currently be accounted for in terms of known geological events. It is called, I kid you not, the Great Unconformity. (In googling this, I stumble on the Earth Science Picture of the day. very nice)

When did the new VP of Enrollment Services start? (August 1st. ish.) The Reign of Terror. G said that Friday's meeting was like watching a bully skewer and torture a bug on a pin. [Can it only have been 6 weeks?!]

  • Friday Joy Park put an Out of the Blue gift on my doorstep!
  • When did Meredith start? [Later, Dot comes across that welcome email from Becky. Answer: Monday Sept 8th, 2008 ]
  • When was Kerry's last day? [ As Dot pins down Meredith, she can back up counting on her fingers... because Kerry's final day was the Friday before Meredith... Sept 5th. ]
  • Last week, my attempts to be kind to others by cooking LSJ & T a meal went awry in the manner of a gentle domestic comedy. Thursday Sept. 18th we had Vicki and Darcy over for dinner. Friday night, Linda, Teresa, Rose and Mwadi.
  • Sunday I talked to my mother awhile.
  • Late Sunday afternoon, after our drive/ hike, we visited/ went to the 66 Diner with her parents. They didn't fight. She took pictures of them. We all laughed a lot. Renting bathing suits. Pick up lines for the cardboard stand-up Bette Boop ("Hey, remember me?"). The doctor saying bring me a doughnut. About her father swimming to Okinawa. Me saying "Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened."

Am a third of the way through Darwin's Century by Loren Eiseley. Stopped and felt the urge, which I followed up on, to ready Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Read that last night.

Wildflower by the side of the trail.
Sandias. 9/21/08

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