Monday, September 12, 2011


I think we have 9 plants: 1 Mexican mini, 1 Sungold mini, 1 Juliette, Stupice (3?), Brandywines (2?) and 1 Mortgage Lifter. G has made 2 kinds of salsa. We've eaten them sliced, just as is. Or straight off the vine. We've made several batches of sauce. And have dried a few (very tasty!) Today we juiced a bunch of the little ones. We're reducing it to eat for soup this evening, since we got a little rain and the temperature turned cool and made something warm sound inviting.

AND, as you can see from the bottom photo... they are still coming on strong.

Today we caught THREE grasshoppers, which we gave to the chickens. Scarlett is the queen of the bug eaters! There is another big one that got away. :( That said, apparently there are enough tomatoes to go around. The chickens have had so many, that after awhile they get bored. They want us to try harder at catching that grasshopper.

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