Thursday, September 29, 2011

First in the Flock: Our Tiny Would-be Rooster Lays an Egg

Wednesday morning, Sept 28th, Scarlett, our tiny but 'tude-ful leghorn finally put to rest any bets that she was really Scarface the Rooster. She successfully laid her first egg. The first for our entire flock!

We, and her other five sister hens, were very relieved, since she had been acting like a maniac for nearly a week. Hyper, eating furiously (is she going to pop? OMG!), digging huge craters everywhere (her idea of a nest?), pacing up and down the ladder to the roost box, pecking her sisters (hard!) for no apparent reason (out of the blue--what did I do to you?!), and periodically erupting in long squawk-fits we took to be the chicken equivalent of swearing like a sailor. At some point in the last few days, we noticed all five of her sisters huddled over in a corner--apparently trying to steer clear of her while searching for a way out. They were cutting 5 sets of imploring eyes at us: 'She's gone nuts! let us out of here!'

I think I speak for all of us when I say Congratulations Scarlett! (And--phew--not a moment too soon).

Below are some snapshots of the proud young mom on her Eventful Day of Official Henhood. G chased her around with the camera for nearly an hour. As you can see, she had a hard time getting the our jaunty, young celebrity to STAND STILL for a photo! We are both particularly fond of the one where she is a blur. :)

When she did slow down, it was for a relaxing dirt bath. But honestly, that wasn't very photogenic. I'm not posting the most embarrassing of those photos to help her keep her self-esteem intact. Between you and me, she looked like a dead seagull. (Bedraggled. Motherhood is hell.)

Given her rough beginnings, (ratty bath pix be damned) we are so proud we're bursting. And extremely relieved that she was healthy enough to make the hop to henhood. Yay Scarlett!!

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