Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chicken Fortress gets a Roof while the wind howls...

Weekend! We spent a lot of time carefully measuring & cutting to build our gussets. On the whole they came out very well (minor trapezoid problems notwithstanding). By late afternoon Saturday, at the point where the wind had whipped us both to the point that we were thoroughly irritable and tired, we had managed to put them up securely.

Sunday, still windy, but not quite as bad. We put up the three roof supports; G cut our roofing sheets. Then she had to rush off to spinning class (the fiber, not cycle variety). She graciously told me I could put up the roofing. It ended up taking me the entire afternoon. I made a mess of it by not snapping a line for my screws (a fair number of exasperating "misses"). And was very glad we upgraded to plastic from the tin since we had some "features" that it gracefully "forgave." So? It's up!! Now to hang the door, build the roosting box with nest boxes, and dig in the hardware cloth perimeter.

New Composter
G whipped up our first batch of materials in the black plastic rotating composter earlier this week. We're very curious to see what it does. (So far it doesn't seem as hot as we had hoped. She added a bit more manure and watered it thoroughly today.)

New Lady Banks, etc...
G got us a red lady banks (climbing rose) several weeks ago. She finally got that planted today. (There's a lot of hope out there). The sweet potato cuttings that over-wintered on the kitchen ledge lost most of their leaves from being transplanted and put on the front stoop. (Probably sun-burn :( ) Think they will make it though--they have new leaves coming. Marigold seeds are up. No sign of the sunflowers yet. Teresa gave us an embarrassing wealth of tomato and pepper babies Friday. We're gradually hardening those off. It may freeze tonight, so we brought them all in. Hope the apple blossoms don't freeze. :(

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