Monday, August 9, 2010

Wild promise: 4 or 5 varieties of tomatoes

"Wait for it... wait for it...."

We have a dense vine hedge along the west wall: intertwined cherry and Stupice vines, loaded with flowers and fruits. Daubs and doodles of paint on a palette.

Not pictured, we have several other varieties. Two strapping plants in the garden proper. Several in the double-dug bed--varying degrees of size and robustness based on how close their volunteer sunflower neighbors are. The ones in the middle are puny, having been threatened by botanical giants.

Also not pictured, the 5 or 6 plants of unknown variety in 3-gallon containers crouched under the Mulberry tree. In a previous post I already confessed this greedy sin... they were transplants from the raised bed. Removing them gave us the possibility of more salad greens anyway. The spinach seeds have germinated, and have sent out their quirky second set of leaves--so spiky, so unlike the round lobes I dearly love to eat. (It has taken me a couple of plantings to start recognizing them at this stage.)

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