Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Do I seem obsessed with the subject? Last night, after assiduously skirting around us for--nearly 3 weeks?--we had a real rain in the north valley. Probably would have filled the rain barrel, but I can't really use it as a gauge this time since I kept siphoning the water into buckets, and eventually into the blue plastic kiddie pool. (Wonder how many gallons it holds?) Along with the rain came an electrical storm. Very dramatic. Someone posted a photo in the UNM student paper this morning (left).

We ate our first Brandywine over the weekend (August 22nd or so), and have started collecting 1-2 cups a day between the cherry tomato plant and the grape/mini's. Lots and lots of all 3 coming. Gloria started her first batch of raisins in the dehydrator over the weekend too.

Oh, and we have a million zillion tiny white spaghetti hair worm babies in the worm composting bin *finally!* Trying not to starve or over feed them... And keeping an eye on the water in the bottom so they don't drown. (How does mother nature DO this?!)

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