Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sidewalk chalk on the back wall

So you've got a big juicy pile of sidewalk chalk and a huge ugly expanse of wall...

G got us started with a fat yellow sun, then got a hand full of pretty colors and started a butterfly. I kind of wanted to do ants and bees, but they seemed to hard. So I drew a red circle and pulled fanciful lady bug out of my imagination.

How many legs does a Ladybug actually have?
Ugh.... It turns out that Sue Hubbell has a chapter on them in her Broadsides book. Fascinating! Six. The answer is six--with the ability to detect taste built right in. We think they sleep at night. They have a hibernation period that kicks in when the weather dips below 55degrees: they huddle as a group. They are omnivores. And chew side to side. They are beetles not "bugs." (Which made both G & myself scratch our heads. Apparently neither of us were paying attention in 5th grade science class when we were supposed to be learning all of this.) Oh, and they have a larval and pupal phase before they start to look like anything we recognize.

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