Monday, June 7, 2010

Massive Heat Wave

The bad news? I am primary garden caretaker for five days and we have a record-breaking heat wave bearing down on us. Eek!!

The good news? Most of the yard and garden inhabitants are well-established and pretty darned tough. Last week the desert willow started to bloom. Very handsome. The second season for the Clary Sage is staggering. (I'll see if I can't get a picture.) Bees are still loving the cat mint & all the penstemons (sp?). Echinacea is looking lovely... will probably bloom in another week to 10 days.

Hunting for what's out there... *Finding tomatoes and basil plants in odd places. * Worried about the worms. Can't imagine they are staying cool & moist enough. (Buy a worm bin and try that?) *Would like to help G make progress getting that back fence up. Then we can turn our attention to the compost piles. (Dominoes: this, then that, then the other... sigh).

The Bee-keeping Seminar - Last Saturday with Dr. Jim Moses. (Post some notes. Find out if the lady who took video posted it?)

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