Monday, October 26, 2009

Yard and Garden update

Rain - To remind myself, it rained hard (Oct 7th) Then again last week--the 20th and 21st. (Where to find stats re annual rainfall? Local temperature history? First day of frost.) Filled up the new rain barrel, then we didn't think to drain it so we were not able to collect any of the gold that came pouring down 2 weeks later.

Fall Garden - the peas are darling. The rest of the crops are trucking along too. (photos?) In general though, I've had a hard time getting motivated to take pictures. Plants dying back, shrinking, turning brown. On one hand, I'm tired and welcome a winter rest (to maybe putz and nest indoors). On the other, it's painful to part. The leaves are either gold or gone on the red bud. The wysteria has shed most of its leaves. The sunflowers and sunchokes are gangly brown skeletons.

Straw and Firewood - we got 2 loads (10 bales) of straw and some more frost cloth. And half a cord of seasoned mixed hardwood. (Hal made a fire while we were gone because the heater isn't on yet and it was 64-degrees in the house.) So that was the first fire at our address this fall; G built one Saturday morning. Very nice.

Dark in the mornings - Until it's time to drive to work, at which point the sun turns all its fury on anyone driving east. That dangerous time of year. Several clear days where the new moon is a wisp against unbroken blue. The sky so far away. The cottonwoods along the ditch are roughly at their peak: huge shirring masses of
goldenrod and yellow. A have either heard or spotted a few cranes and Canadian geese overhead. Hummers are gone. Birds on the move. Wonder if the hawks are going over too?

Goal - giving Aldo Leopold another chance.

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