Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hard Frost - Sept 30th & Garlic in!

Note: Last week we had a cold snap. G and I were not paying very close attention. It was cold enough either Tuesday or Wednesday night to kill everything but the chard and the leeks in the garden, burned the sweet potato vines and green pole beans badly. Duh. Tomatoes in the raised bed and along the front west wall seem to have been sheltered a bit more. They made it through okay. Gloria talked to some other ABQ folks via the internet--north valley was the only place it really hit. Everyone else in town was spared. Just takes a few degrees either way, right?

Note: Soft-necked garlic cloves came the end of last week, so we planted those in the fall garden bed Sunday afternoon. Then put in the rest of the daffodil bulbs. Had to replant half a dozen along the west side because a critter (Ruby?) dug them up. We unrolled some chicken wire over them this time. G also put in a second planting of Wando peas, and we laced up some string for them to climb on. It looks very official! As always, 'There's a lot of hope out there....'

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