Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weed, water and wait - 1st Wk of July

Oh, and smash a lot of bugs!
*6 tomato horn worms (add photo)
*a dozen squash bugs (sudden spike in those). Can they fly?
*a worm demolishing my petunias
*AND on a happier note -- spotted a young mantis. bright spring green. on the petunias near the bug I squashed. I felt badly; might have just swept away his or her dinner.

*Our first brown sunflower. Very handsome!! And a second big yellow one our shy early bird.

*It's hot and feels like it hasn't rained in forever. I am haunted by the barren brown of the cemetery I drive past weekday mornings on the way to work. The water line is so emphatic. [see below]

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