Thursday, August 14, 2008

Second Week of August

Sheez. I'm really behind.
  • Martha's adventure as a live organ donor. [Add link]
  • The Poetry Salon. (Aug 4th)
  • The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics [Aug 8th? Add photos. This morning on NPR they reported that ~800 people inside the faux printing press were wearing paper diapers. ?!]
  • Weed Season (goat heads & the relatively benign 2-3' green things are now setting seed)
  • Adventures gathering rocks with Gloria. Last night [Aug 13th after sunset] an extremely heavy round red one. Heaviest yet. Probably our limit (without a hand-truck, says G.)
  • The waning light/ the days get shorter. First week of August, as if someone flipped a switch, suddenly it was dark at 6am when the alarm starts blaring.
  • Temperatures relatively nice. Not a lot of wind, not as much rain as I'd like.
  • Cement. Sculpy. Foam and cork sheets. How might I etch haiku in stone. grin.
  • Tomatoes taking over the back stoop. The Bench.
    After an initial breathless love affair, some heart break with blossom end rot. We've been eating 2 or three orange cherry tom's every few days, but somehow that seems anti-climatic.
  • The apples are starting to drop off G's trees.
  • Neighbor Mike's short sunflowers have opened [add photos] & his front patch is a short sea of plum-hued amaranth
  • STIR Sept 12-14. Why not just be a groupie? i hate being alone in my dawdling delight over words.
    [Add Web link]
  • Read Wendell Barry interview last night in July 08 issue of Sun. Lots of wise tidbits.
  • Is Google Making us Stupid - from the Atlantic Monthly.
Dana Gioia (head of the National Endowment for the Arts): Reading and the Web: What We Know and Don't Know
James Evans (Univ. of Chicago) : Research + Web = More Conformity, Less Diversity (At Least, So Far)
Kevin Kelly (Wired Magazine): Time to Prove the Carr ("Is Google Making Us Stupid?") Thesis: Where's the Science:
Larry Sanger (Co-founder, Wikipedia): A Defense of Tolstoy & the Individual Thinker
Sven Birkerts: Reading in the Open-Ended Information Zone Called Cyberspace

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