Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Week of July 2008

Took the week off. How very extremely yummy.
*Had phone dates with my brother and nephew, and an old friend. Had lunch with two Marys: Oishi the Poet and Woodward the Industrious.
*Took my bike to be spruced up.
*Bought 2 small but handsome teak benches (procured a rubber mallet & some linseed oil specifically for this purpose). G & I assembled them Sunday. She's very handy but humble about her skills with a screwdriver.
*Cut the plywood, attached it to the bright yellow table at G's. We mixed mortar & squished the tiles down! Acquired pre-mixed unsanded white grout for the next step.
*I sorted one of my many PILES of paper.
*And cleaned out the downstairs closet.
*Mixed my first batch of cement objects. Funny, but Rit dye was hard to find. The entire display at Walmart and one of the Walgreens was empty except for odd colors. I managed to get yellow and purple. More of this!!

Send Something Somewhere.
I began the search for periodicals--magazines and journals that represent communities I respect and would like to join. This was harder than I thought. First in terms of actually finding things to look at: Borders doesn't have much any more. Flying Star & the Co-op have some nice earthy-crunchy titles. Don't you think Mother Earth News could use a salting of haiku?! The stacks in the basement of Zimmerman did not have as many recent titles as I wanted. Though I did make some discoveries & also thoroughly enjoyed spinning the big crank to roll the ponderous shelves back and forth. And my big find was a tiny newsstand across from campus. From the front it looked like "magazine" was going to be a synonym for porn, but I was pleasantly surprised. (Wonder if they lock their dumpster?) And second [harder than I thought--A. to just find a stash of them and B...] because I'm still gnashing about the ethics of my actions. What is it I want exactly? ("Be the change you would see in the world." -Gandhi ) To be part of a community. To listen and hear. To speak and be heard. Hurling bits of paper and self-addressed stamped envelopes out into the anonymous realm does not seem enlightened. Or is it? Words speaking for themselves and all that. ?!

Rattle (journal out of Canada) had a great feature section: Illustrated words... flipping though I realized that is this was the direction I wanted to go in ! So I Started considering ways to present haiku so that they claim some quiet visual space.

Went to the Griegos branch of the library & picked through their magazine exchange bin. Began a ransom note rendition of "From the back his shirt / read "Practice Respect Daily" ... Did a collage of "Yearning is a big word..."

GOAL - 12 9x12s.
GOAL - Make molds to press haiku into garden stepping stones. (Should the letters be raised or depressed?)

Unceremoniously, she plucks and bites into the first tomato of the season.
!! Sunday, Gloria looked at the orange globes on the vine we had tentatively identified as "cherry tomato". I think it's ripe, she said, plucking it and thrusting it towards my head. I ducked, not convinced. You try I said. She took a bite. Then smiled broadly. Yum, she said. And handed me the other half. It was warm ripe tomato goodness, in a bright tight orange package. I'll be darned.

Eek. Blossom end rot!

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