Thursday, January 3, 2008

Notable Personal Achievements of 2007

1. Actually creating a list with the heading "Notable Personal Achievements of 2007"
2. Not killing a certain underachieving, melodramatic co-worker.
3. Growing my relationship with Gloria.
4. Putting Austin on a diet.
5. Taking regular walks.
6. Practicing the following sentence: I am a writer with a day job.
7. Asking some important questions over and over: What did you hear yourself say yesterday? What made you laugh yesterday? What makes you feel rich? What gives you energy and what steals it? What are you grateful for? What are three things you are feeling?
8. Meeting some amazing people: Lisa Gill (poet), Mary Oishi (poet), Marisa Clark (writer), Leah Larkin (research entomologist), and Carolyn Dobson (wildflower expert)
9. Memorizing a few poems. And showing up at my writing desk as often as I could wrangle it.

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