Thursday, December 20, 2007

When you gather them all up...

Here is Mary Woodward (her photographer friend Susan behind the camera) at the birthday party of a venerable lesbian poet in New York this past fall.
"My friend Mary," says I.
"My friend Lillian," says she.

Now, Brenda Conlan, gee I haven't seen her in forever. She's the only person I know who writes a Christmas letter that doesn't make me grind my teeth.

I've missed Sharon Harper this year. Maybe it was her, maybe it was me. But I feel impoverished by it. She lives in a house I've never seen. And I've totally lost track of the people who are important in her life.

Oh, and I finally "found" Martha McLean again! The woman has been a writing fool -- her serialized community portrait of lesbians in Asheville, NC in the '70s is a rolicking read: Sheville.

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