Monday, December 8, 2014

MA 429 - Portfolio

Portfolio - Fall 2014
MA 429 - Documentary Production
Instructor - Deborah Fort

Here are the major projects we did this semester.  Baby steps, Dot, baby steps! 

The first assignment was surprisingly hard, and also very thought-provoking.  We were asked to do a self-portrait using ONLY 10 still images.  >We were not to be IN any of the photos.  No voice overs, no zooming and panning.  1 minute or less in duration.  *Fascinating*  The class critique said I should ditch the first and last image--the kitten and Scarlett running.  It's probably an aesthetic question.  To be true to my sense of myself, I am leaving them in.  :)

This assignment was to do a short radio documentary -- 2 minutes or less.  In doing it, I realized that I really enjoy writing scripts, then being the Voice.  :)  Getting clean sound was MUCH harder than I thought it was going to be.  Every time I wanted to catch something, a plane would fly over, a motorcycle gun it, a neighbor turn on a leaf blower, a dog go nuts.  ?!  Or I would be too far away and they would stop talking by the time I got there.  Would love to be part of a community of nature folks doing audio and video.  There must be tricks?  Very sad... but the weekend before this was due, Lucy got really sick.  What a hard end.  Poor lovely hen.  :)  We finally got her in to see a vet late Monday.  We gave her the final gift we could--a quick, painless death.  Then came home, and in the dusk, dug her a spot, wrapped her in a towel, sprinkled her with seeds and straw, and laid her to rest.  Given those heart-wrenching circumstances, maybe I should try the project again.  I have gotten new audio gear since then.  And done a bit more work in Audition (the Adobe audio editing program).

I would like Sandra to be able to use this video, maybe even link it to the Museum's website.  For that use, she asked me to delete the opening.  She doesn't want to do anything that would jeopardize their ability to collect and bring back "material" from Nicaragua.  >Hence the password:  watchme.  :)  This was my first ever interview.  I was nervous.  And I think I made every possible mistake.  Eek.  AND it was exhilarating.  I hope I made some new friends. 

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