Monday, August 26, 2013

Good bye Austin

April 2001-August 19, 2013
We will really miss you Mr. Buddy. 

Austin and Agatha right after my ex and I brought them home from the pound.
~5 1/2 weeks old. Maple City, MI.

(Below) Here he is at 5 1/2 months. He liked to lean on things from the start:
shoes, piles of clothes, stereo speakers, or--in a pinch--zucchini.

After he moved to New Mexico in the spring of 2005, he developed an active Facebook presence.  He was one of the early Farmville moguls.

>>As is often the case, he was one of those "large" cats who love small boxes. The Crackerjack box was probably the cutest, but he was pretty adorable in the bottom of a recent puzzle box too. And Oh So Helpful with those jigsaw pieces!<<

(Below) We let him out into the yard his last few days, to distract him from his aches and pains, and send him out with dirt under his nails--with the scent of lizards, spiders and sparrows fresh on his mind.

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Joy Ashbaugh said...

Austin is a beautiful cat. I love your words about him. Sorry that he is gone.