Monday, August 6, 2012

Last of July, First of August 2012

The first batch of grapes is now a pile of raisins!  Over the weekend, I harvested another bin full.  Didn't get them "cooking" yet though. 

G picked the gorgeous eggplant (the biggest I remember?), and several big lovely green peppers and made ratatoulle.  Soooo good. 

Apples are starting to blush--almost but not quite ripe.  Lots of messy fallen ones.  What to do?!

Over the last few days the hens have expanded their diet (ugh).  Friday they caught a sparrow.  (Long, gristly process trying to tenderize and pulverize it enough for someone to eat at least bits of it.  I guess it gave them something to do for the day.  At one point there were wing feathers sticking out of Charro's beak.)  Then Sunday afternoon, Charro nailed a young lizard.  Yikes.  We think the current mouse total is 4.  Mind you, we are completely overrun with sparrows, lizards AND mice, so I don't think the hens are even making a dent, but...  Speaking of predators, we were shocked to look up from our chairs in the shade, to find that  a roadrunner was strolling through. 

Scarlett continues to vault over the fence into the garden.  Sigh.  So far she is just disturbing G's straw mulch but not actually hurting anything.  ?!

G put up a few more rounds of fence for tomato cages.  Those are working nicely.  Need to take photos--should have tomatoes "soon."  (Maybe I should start taking daily photos.  I don't have a good eye for how long it takes from various sizes and varieties.  A week?  10 days?  Shorter for the cherries, longer for the romas and Stupichas?)

Couple of very cute melon babies dangling off the back fence, of all things.  G is trying to decide how to support them.  (We laughed about Teresa Johansen using an sports bra for a cantaloupe two years ago.)

Entirely redid out little solar fountain.  The new one I bought was half the power of the old...  so our old arrangement wasn't going to work at all.  100# of gravel, 6 12" pavers, a new fiberglass pot, some epoxy and a day and a half later, we're back in business.  We actually sat under our umbrella, reading summer junk food books for several hours late Sunday, serenaded by the gentle burble.  :)  Still a few pieces from the old one to either give away or stow.  (argh).

Last night--several rounds of very light rain.  1/8 inch?  Thunder and lightning that made Osa a whining, pacing mess (she kept G up most of the night).

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