Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wind, then cold. Maude turns henish?!

**Dec 6. Last Tuesday night - worst winds in 12 years. Chickens spent the night in the bathtub (going back to their roots).
**Dec 12. Last night temps 30degrees below seasonal normal. It was 7 degrees when we got up. Spent most of the morning stuffing straw into the walls of the roost box & tacking it in place with cardboard. (Girls were baffled... suddenly a lot less room in there! :) ) Put plastic up on the last open panel of the coop proper. G went out shopping for an extra brooder bulb, and a second heat lamp. She ended up running all over the north valley. The clerk at Dan's Boots and Saddles said, "There was a run on those this past weekend. You're late!" :) They had a box ready for next year over at Miller's Feed. While there, G got sucked in by the bag of freeze-dried meal worms. Chicken Cheetos! They were a huge hit.

Oh, straw in the old feedbags like pill0ws up on top of the roost box. And towels like a tapestry to cover their front "window." I wish we had a thermometer out there to keep tabs on the temp, but the wireless remote one was interfering with the baby monitor so we brought it in. Brrrrr. Poor chickadees!

**Dec 11. Gloria turned around abruptly & Maude did 'the crouch!' Oh my, our little tomboy is growing up! (Usually means they start laying w/i the week.)

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