Monday, November 7, 2011

Dot & Gloria -- Master Composters!

In a ceremony Sunday afternoon (Nov 6th), 20 people received their master composter name plates and certificates. Yay! We can now officially 'talk shit!' :) It was great to hear the details of the projects some of the other interns have been working on. [Add details] Walking in Circles horse ranch has a huge manure pile/problem several people have been trying to address (hooking them up with a group of worm composters, distributing manure to gardeners). Omar got a grant from Intel to create a small-scale muncipal composting system behind the parks and rec office in Corrales. And someone else is trying to get some neighborhood composting groups started. Pat and Stephanie have done a BUNCH of worm workshops in a number of different schools (have even created business cards for themselves as The Worm Ladies. :) ) And another school teacher (works in Old Town) started a composting program for her second graders. They have pits and spinning drums and will be adding worms. And will be implementing a small school garden. Very cute. *Inspiring on all counts!*

Photo of Jon doing a compost demonstration at the ABQ Open Space center. March 2011.

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