Monday, June 27, 2011

Mammoth Tomato Vines

This is not a great photo, but Teresa gave us several Brandywine seedlings; they have started to do their Brandywine thing! Trying to show a learning curve this year, we bought the biggest cages we could find, and made sure each plant got one. Teresa's have already set fruit. Ours are a couple weeks behind, but are covered in flowers. Hmmm.

The chicken coop, of course, is in the background. With this terrible heat, we've been clipping sheets to the eaves, to keep out the sun. (Looks like a gypsy camp, doesn't it?) :) All the fencing is an attempt to keep our overly enthusiastic dog away from the chickens. That and G bought a high-powered water pistol.

At the back of the photo are the round globes of last season's leeks, gone to flower. I think that I personally may get more pleasure from the flowers than any soup or stew.

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