Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roses, late irises, one carnation, 2 bird nests

The small irises in the yard are up! Yellow, purple and bronze. Such dainty little flags. Oh, and the first carnation of the year!! Perfect. Maroon. White lady banks exploded last weekend. Must add it to my List to sit near the fountain and admire her. Walking onions [verb... for growing those exotic protuberances] ... sculptural and delicious. ROSES ROSES ROSES everywhere. At their peak this week.

Bird nests: Linda and Teresa have a very public hummer's nest. Not sure it was bright on the bird's part, but loads of fun to be able to watch. At work, the perfect Robin's cup in a nearby honeylocust is gone. But earlier this week I spotted a dove landing in a young oak just outside our door. Her round black eye seems to be casting voodoo spells on me: evil eye. Probably just a vacant stare from an exhausted mom.

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