Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hummingbirds. Dirty Dishes.

Early in the summer [what date?], we put up a hummingbird feeder under the trees along the front of the house. We lamented that there were only a couple of birds who condescended to come by... then late in the summer when the band from Mexico came north, there was a lot more activity, including lots of aerial dog-fighting.

Last week, G found that feeders were in the summer sale pile at the home fix-it store, so she got a second one. It is terribly cute--looks like a flying saucer. She hung it right outside the kitchen window. It has been very popular, almost from the moment she put it up. Though they hover and stare in the window. They aren't sure they trust us... they hover in this oddly confrontational fashion, tail/rudders flipping side to side. As much as I have enjoyed the first feeder, this kitchen window viewing platform is fabulous! You can even spot them from our little dining room table sometimes (across the room).

I will try to get a photo showing these flitting fairy wonders before they all start winging south. Linda and Teresa, who live closer to the university, have had scores and scores of hummers all summer. Over dinner last night, they said they thought the numbers had dwindled noticeably. They also think that they are now seeing transients. Shy skittish birds stopping off for a quick bite on their journey. Linda saw her first specimen with a black hood. The same variety who was our only regular customer in north valley for most of the summer. Before the Mexican Reds blasted into town (late July? early August?). Anecdotal evidence on all of our parts of course. But interesting.

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